80900 - ECHO/PULSE - Differences between Echo Desktop and Livescribe Desktop?

What are the differences between Echo Desktop and Livescribe Desktop?

Livescribe Desktop is older software that was used to support Echo and Pulse smartpen content.  We launched Echo Desktop as an application to replace Livescribe Desktop.  Echo Desktop provides similar functionality as Livescribe Desktop but with some key differences.

Here is a chart of the differences and similarities at a glance:


Although you can no longer download Livescribe Desktop, if you currently have it installed you are welcome to continue using it. Just note that Echo Desktop is the only Echo and Pulse software that will be updated over time. To learn more about switching from Livescribe Desktop to Echo Desktop. If you're ready to update to Echo Desktop, visit the Set Up page to download it.

*Echo Desktop is an optional update to Livescribe Desktop. Your current data will remain available to you, but once you update to Echo Desktop, you will not be able to switch back to Livescribe Desktop.

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