81990 - ECHO/PULSE - After installing Mac Echo Desktop all PDFs downloaded from the web convert to .lspdf files

I installed Mac Echo Desktop but now any PDF I download from a website gets converted to an ".lspdf" file extension and I can't open it. How can I fix this?

If PDF files you download from websites are being converted to ".lspdf" file extensions after installing Mac Echo Desktop and you can't open them in Adobe Reader, this does not appear to be specific to our software but an issue with the Mac Safari browser itself.  In fact others have posted about similar issues where Safari has added different file extensions to PDF downloads, but there has been no clear solution over the last several years:


We have not been able to replicate this problem, even while trying to download specific PDFs that our customers have downloaded. 

Switching browsers for your PDF downloads would be the only work-around we have found to get around this issue.  

You can also try Apple's support https://getsupport.apple.com/GetproductgroupList.action to see if they can help.

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