201020 - ECHO/PULSE - Mac - Obtaining your Livescribe log files

How can I access my Mac log files?

Sending us your Desktop log files can often help us troubleshoot when there are issues with the Desktop software or your smartpen. If appropriate, screenshots of the problem may also be helpful. 

To get the Livescribe logs,  please :

  1. Dock the smartpen you are having an issue with (if applicable). 
  2. Open Echo Desktop or Livescribe Desktop if it doesn't open automatically. 
  3. While holding down the keyboard "control" key, select from the top menu "Tools > Customer Support > Gather Debug Logs…" 
  4. At the prompt, check-mark the "Include additional information" box. 
  5. Click the "I've talked to Echo/Livescribe Desktop Support" button.  A "Log" window will open.  Allow a few moments for the logs to generate.  The file "Please wait…" will change to "logs_YYYY-MM-DD.zip".   
  6. From the "Logs" window drag the "logs_YYYY-MM-DD.zip" file into the body of your email to livescribe.customerservice@anoto.com (please make sure it shows as an attachment before sending).

To capture a  screenshot (if appropriate) :

  1. Press "shift-command-3" on your keyboard. 
  2. Drag the  screenshot (s) into the body of your email to livescribe.customerservice@anoto.com.

We appreciate this information and will use this to research your issue.

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