40357 - AEGIR - Smartpen LED color indicators

The smartpen uses LED indicator to communicate to the user the status of the smartpen or any event.


        Solid Green

Pen is awake and can be used to write on Livescribe paper to capture notes but, is not connected to any Bluetooth enabled device.

        Blinking Blue

Pen is in pairing mode and is ready to make an initial Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or tablet.

Tip: The pen must be in this state to pair with any new device

        Solid Blue

Smartpen is awake and capturing notes while being connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet device. Your notes are both saved in the pen and simultaneously streamed to the Livescribe+ app on your smartphone or tablet.

Tip: Whenever you start writing with the pen on any Livescribe paper, the pen will automatically try to connect with its known device

Error Alert

        Blinking Red (x3)

Possible errors include improper writing angle, smartpen memory is full, unrecognized writing surface, etc.


        Solid Orange

Low battery indicator. Smartpen battery is at 20% or below and needs charging. At 5% battery level, the pen shuts down automatically with a beep and will not capture notes anymore

        Blinking Green

Smartpen is connected to a USB power source through its micro-USB port and is charging

Tip: It takes 90 mins to fully charge


        Blinking Red

Audio recording in process on mobile device.


        Blinking Red

Smartpen memory is above 90% of its capacity. This notification will repeat every time the pen wakes up until the memory is cleared. When the pens memory is full, it will not capture any data and will trigger error notification when you try to write.

Tip: Connect your pen to your device and clear memory using pen settings in Livescribe+ app

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