40051 - AEGIR - Smartpen described


What is the Aegir smartpen?

Aegir (pronounced “ay-geer”) is named after the Norse Sea God, paying tribute to the Swedish heritage of the company. Aegir series will have two fashionable designs inspired by their aquatic namesakes: Marlin and Dolphin.

Simply write on paper and watch it instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone.

At a recommended retail price of $99.95, the Aegir delivers the traditional benefits of pen and paper combined with all the power of digital notes. The pen uses Bluetooth to automatically sync data with both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows) devices using the free Livescribe+ companion app.

Everything the Aegir smartpen writes on Livescribe paper is digitally captured and stored on the pen. Then, when the pen is next connected to a mobile device or computer, it reliably transfers the data to the companion app. The app makes it easy to manage, backup, and auto-sync notes with popular cloud service applications.

It even includes transcription capabilities in 22 languages to turn handwritten notes into searchable text that can be easily edited and shared.

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