80505 - Exporting Livescribe Desktop content to Evernote

How do I export my Livescribe Desktop content to Evernote?

Sharing your notes and audio sessions with your Evernote account is easy using the Livescribe Desktop Connect option.

NOTE:  This applies only to wired Echo and Pulse smartpens.  Wireless (WiFi) smartpens do not use Livescribe Desktop Connect to share with Evernote.  Instead the notes are sent directly from the wifi smartpen to Evernote.  

For instructions on sending using Connect please see 80407 - How do I send (share) my pages and audio using Livescribe Desktop?

NOTE: The file upload size limits for uploading to Evernote are 25MB per upload if you have a free Evernote account and 100 MB per upload if you have a Premium Evernote account.  Free Evernote accounts are limited to a total of 60MB of uploaded data per month.  Evernote Premium accounts have a 1GB per month limit.

During the export of audio, each Livescribe Desktop AAC audio file is converted to a WAV format for Evernote import.  This process can more than double the file size of the audio session(s) you are trying to export if the session was recorded at the default audio quality (Medium).  As a result a file that appears as 15 MB (for example) in Livescribe Desktop exceeds the upload limit of 25 MB (free account) because the converted WAV file is now approximately 34  MB in size (2.3 times the size of the original file).  Sessions recorded at "High" audio quality will be 1.6 times bigger. Sessions recorded at "Low" audio quality will be 4 times bigger.  To set your smartpen audio quality please see 20305 - How do I set my audio recording quality and sensitivity levels?


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