100011 - Online Store order shipping status

Has the order I made in the Online Store been shipped?

It takes 5-7 business days to receive an order once it is made in our Online Store.

To check the status of your order, if you registered or already had a Livescribe account and logged in when you placed the order:

  1. Access http://store.livescribe.com/.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and on the blue bar under "YOUR ACCOUNT" click on "Order History".
  3. Enter your email address/password and click "Login". 

The status of your order will display under the "Order Status" column.

NOTE: If you used "Checkout as Guest" when you placed your order, you will not be able to check the status online.  In your cs@livescribe.com email, let us know the order number from the order confirmation email we sent and we will look up the status for you.   

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