110001 - Purchase orders and tax exempt institutions

Does Livescribe accept Purchase Orders?  If so, how can we avoid paying sales tax if our U.S. institution has a tax exempt status?

  • Corporations:  We do not accept Purchase Orders from corporations.  Payment must be made by credit card, check or money order.  However, if you would like to order without using our Online Store in order to get a discount, a minimum order of 10 smartpens or more is required in order to get a quote.  Email the details of your quote request to Livescribe.sales@anoto.com.


  • Colleges, Universities, and Kindergarten-12th Grade Schools:  We do accept Purchase Orders from education organizations.  Access our Higher Education/K-12 How to Buy site for a quote and options on submitting a Purchase Order.

    NOTE: You can use the Online Store as a reference, but some items available in the Store may not be available via an education Purchase Order.  To get an accurate quote, please use the Higher Education/K-12 How to Buy site instructions. 

If your organization is tax exempt, please include a copy of the tax exemption certificate with your quote request.

For institutions with the correct documentation, we charge a 5% ($5.00 minimum) shipping charge based on the amount of each order.  

For orders of the equivalent of 10 smartpens or more, a 10% discount may be applied if the order is accepted.

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