WIFI/ECHO - New smartpen - nothing appears on OLED when smartpen power button is pressed or when connected to USB charging cable

When I try to power on my smartpen or connect it to the USB charging cable nothing appears on the OLED - why?

If the new wifi or Echo smartpen OLED does not light up when:

  • The power button is pressed
  • When the smartpen is connected to the USB charging cable plugged into a running computer

…then it is possible the smartpen is on even though the OLED is not.  

To test this:

  1. Turn your smartpen upside down with the tip facing you.
  2. Press down on the pen tip ink cartridge. 
  3. Each time you press on the ink tip, a dim red light should appear on one side of the smartpen's lens (the light is very faint - you may need to test the smartpen in a darker environment to see the red light). 
  4. If the red light does not appear during the test, press the power button and wait 10 seconds.  Then try the test once more.

If the light does not turn on then please let us know.


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