27000 - WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Smartpen displays “System Error 2” OR “Error Code 2”

My smartpen displayed a message: System Error 2 OR Error Code 2.

You might see this "System Error 2" or "Error Code 2" message if an error occurred on your smartpen while it was in use.   

Try the steps in 28006 - Smartpen Hard Reset.

If the "System Error 2" " or "Error Code 2" message still displays on the smartpen OLED no matter what you are attempting to do (write, record audio, transfer data, etc.) then, unfortunately, your smartpen cannot be recovered and will need to be completely reset to get it working once more.  

To reset your smartpen please reference the appropriate article below:

29006 - ECHO/PULSE - ECHO DESKTOP USERS - Windows Master Reset firmware update utility.
29106 - ECHO/PULSE - ECHO DESKTOP USERS - Mac Master Reset and firmware update.

29021 - WIFI - Windows Master Reset and firmware update utility

29121 - WIFI - Mac Master Reset and firmware update utility.

If you still have an issue please let us know.

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