Contacting Customer Support

What are the methods I can use to contact Customer Support?

If you need help with a question or issue that you could not find the answer or resolution in our Knowledge Base, you can get in touch with Customer Support by:

1.  Submitting a Ticket Request:

By clicking on the "SUBMIT A REQUEST" option at the top center of any support page, you can submit a ticket with details of your question or issue.  Our Customer Support Team will try to provide an answer or issue resolution within the next 24 business hours (usually much, much sooner).  

You can find answers quickly by visiting our Help Center. To connect with us, submit an email directly to our support team or start a chat below (available 24/7, English only).

2.  Chatting with Us:

If you would like to Chat directly with our Customer Support Team, just click the "START CHAT" button at the bottom right of any support page.

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