29141 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Mac Master Reset and firmware update utility

How do I completely reset my Livescribe 3 smartpen using a Mac machine?

We have a Mac Smartpen Flash utility you can use to completely erase and reset your Livescribe 3 smartpen.


All of the data (notes) stored on your pen will be removed.

This app does not work properly on a tablet so you must be at your computer.

To use the Helper app:

  1. Plug the USB charging cable into a USB port directly on your computer, not a USB hub, keyboard, or monitor.
  2. Connect your smartpen to your USB charging cable. 
  3. Download Livescribe Helper - http://www.livescribe.com/downloads/support/LivescribeHelper_Mac.dmg.  
  4. Double-click on the "LivescribeHelper_Mac_<version #>.dmg" file.
  5. Once the installer window opens, "control"-click or right-click on the "Install Livescribe Helper" icon and select "Open". 
  6. Follow the prompts to install Helper.
  7. Once Helper is installed, it will open.  Hold down the "option" key on your keyboard and from the top menu options click on "Livescribe Helper > Customer Support > Master Reset Smartpen".
  8. At the "Okay to Master Reset the Smartpen?" prompt, click the "Continue" button.  The LED will flash yellow while the smartpen resets.  Please allow up to a minute for the reset to complete.
  9. Once the LED turns green, click the "Install" button to install the firmware.  Please allow a few minutes for the firmware update to complete and for the LED to turn green again.


If an error appears during the firmware update, try disconnecting/reconnecting your smartpen and repeat the process above.  If you continue to get an error:

  1. From the "Livescribe Helper" menu options at the top of your screen, select "Livescribe Helper > Quit Livescribe Helper".
  2. Click on your desktop to access Finder.
  3. From the top menu (File / Edit / View / Go) select "Go > Applications".
  4. Drag the "Livescribe Helper" icon to the Dock at the bottom of your desktop.  The Helper icon must be showing on the Dock with the other app icons for this process to work.
    Click on this link to download the firmware bundle - http://www.livescribe.com/downloads/support/LivescribeSmartpenUpdate_v3.9.0.87.bnd
  5. At the prompt click "Save File".
  6. Open your Downloads folder (if it is not already open).
  7. Click on the "LivescribeSmartpenUpdate_<version>.bnd" file and hold down the mouse button.
  8. Drag the bundle file onto your desktop and release the mouse button.
  9. Click on the "LivescribeSmartpenUpdate_<version>.bnd"  file on your desktop, hold down the mouse button, and drag the bundle file over the Livescribe Helper icon on your Dock so that the Livescribe Helper icon is highlighted.
  10. Release the mouse button to drop the bundle on the icon.
  11. Once the LED turns green, click the "Install" button to install the firmware.   


This will start the firmware update and should resolve your issue.  If you still have a problem updating please let us know.

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