160520 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Using Noteshelf with Livescribe 3 smartpens

How do I use my Livescribe 3 smartpen with Noteshelf?

With the Livescribe 3 smartpen, a Livescribe notebook, and Noteshelf for iPad, you can create notes, documents, and doodles naturally with ink on paper, and continue working on them on your iPad. You can enrich your notes by highlighting and marking content as well. You can even assign certain notebooks to send off-line notes into Noteshelf once you reconnect to the Noteshelf app.

To get started: 

  1. Shut down the Livescribe+ app if it is running.
  2. Turn on your Livescribe 3 smartpen.
  3. Tap the "Device Pairing" button found on the first page of your Livescribe 3 notebook (faces the inside front cover).  The LED should start blinking green.
  4. Install or update your copy of Noteshelf to version 9.0 (or later) on your iPad from the Apple App Store.
  5. Run Noteshelf.
  6. Go into the Noteshelf Store while connected to the Internet by tapping the store icon in the upper left corner. 
  7. Select the free "Livescribe Sync Pack" to add support for your Livescribe 3 smartpen. 
  8. Tap "Done" in the upper left to go back to the Noteshelf Home window.
  9. Accept the prompt to "Pair" the smartpen and the smartpen LED should turn blue. 

In the future, just turn on your smartpen, run Noteshelf, and within Noteshelf tap the smartpen icon (upper right) to add your handwriting to Noteshelf.

This video should help get Noteshelf set up with your smartpen:


NOTE: By default, when you're capturing pen strokes in Noteshelf, your handwriting will NOT get transferred into Livescribe+.  To get notes into Livescribe+, make sure to close the Noteshelf app before taking those notes.  Even when Noteshelf and Livescribe+ are not running, all notes taken will transfer to Livescribe+.  There is not an option to override this in order to get the same notes in both apps.  However, if you want your notes to transfer to Noteshelf when Noteshelf and Livescribe+ are not running, please see 160521 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Assigning Notebooks to Noteshelf.

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