ECHO- Locking audio sessions on the smartpen

Is there protection available to prevent others from listening to the recorded audio on my smartpen?

Your Echo or Pulse smartpen has a feature you can enable called Paper Replay Password which, when activated, will prevent others from listening to the recorded audio on your smartpen (Livescribe wifi smartpens do not have this option).

When Paper Replay is protected, audio play back from your smartpen is prevented until the password is entered. The password is a four-digit number.

NOTE: Password protection affects the smartpen only.  The audio files themselves are not password protected when transferred to Echo Desktop.

To use Paper Replay Password:

  1. Tap the center of a Menu button (lower left corner of any notebook page).
  2. From the Main Menu, Tap down to Paper Replay.
  3. Tap right to launch Paper Replay.
  4. Tap down to Password protection. 
  5. Tap right to set your password. 
  6. On your notebook page, write four digits as your password.  

To disguise your written password, Livescribe recommends using one of these methods:

  • Write the numbers in a different order (for example - backwards).
  • Write the numbers in various places on the page or on various pages.
  • Write the numbers 0 through 9 on a page and always overwrite these when entering your pin to unlock your smartpen.
  • After writing and confirming your password, go back and write other numbers over your password to disguise it.

When you are finished entering your password, tap right on the Menu button. Your smartpen will confirm the password is set.

After setting your password, your smartpen will prompt you each time you try to play back a session. To listen to your sessions, write your password on your notebook when prompted by your smartpen. Your smartpen will confirm if your password is correct.

Canceling Paper Replay Password

To cancel Paper Replay password and erase your password:

  1. Use the Menu button to navigate to the Paper Replay > Password protection > Remove password.
  2. Tap right on the Menu button to remove the password and cancel password protection.
  3. At the prompt, write the current password to be removed.  NOTE: Passwords are not saved when password protection is turned off.  The previous password is permanently erased. When you reactivate password protection, you will need to set a new password. You can re-use passwords. They are not tracked across uses.
  4. Your smartpen will confirm the password is removed.

NOTE: You can also cancel password protection and remove your Paper Replay password using Livescribe Desktop version 2.2 or later. This is useful if you forget your password and need to regain access to your Paper Replay sessions. The Livescribe Desktop you use to cancel the password must be registered to the same account as your smartpen.

To remove a password using Livescribe Desktop:

  1. Launch Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Dock your smartpen.
  3. Choose Tools > Smartpen > Clear Paper Replay Password.
  4. Confirm the password is cleared by playing back a Paper Replay audio recording on your smartpen.

Once the password is cleared, you can play back audio recordings without writing the password first.

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