ECHO/PULSE - Creating and organizing Custom Notebooks using Echo Desktop

How can I organize my notebooks using Echo Desktop?

You can create Custom Notebooks in Echo Desktop to organize and better manage your pages.  Pages in a Custom Notebook work like other notebook pages.  For example, you can view, zoom, search, and print pages.  If you write on a page in your paper notebook and transfer the notes to Echo Desktop, the source notebook page will update with those new notes and so will the Custom Notebook.

NOTE:  For Echo Desktop, notes that have been shared with you in the form of a Livescribe PDF (notes that you have imported into Echo Desktop) cannot be added to Custom Notebooks.  Notes that you have transferred directly from your smartpen to Echo Desktop can be added to Custom Notebooks.

In a Custom Notebook, you can select and drag pages to arrange them in any order.  

NOTE:  Custom Notebooks do not make copies of pages from source notebooks.  A Custom Notebook is similar to a music playlist, or a digital photo album, but instead of pointing to user-selected songs or pictures, it points (links) to selected pages in your source notebooks.  As a result, rearranging Custom Notebook pages will NOT change the order in which they play back in Echo Desktop (e.g. if you take a three-page audio session and arrange the pages as 1, 3, 2 in your Custom Notebook, when you play the session back it will play back in the original 1, 2, 3 order).

Creating Custom Notebooks

To create a Custom Notebook:

  1. Windows - Choose "File > Custom Notebooks... > Create", or click the "Create new Custom Notebook" link under "Custom Notebooks" in the Navigation pane.  Mac - Choose "File > New Custom Notebook".  The Custom Notebook will appear in the Navigation pane under "Custom Notebooks".
  2. Windows - In the Notebook Name dialog type a name for the new notebook.  Mac - Hold down "control" on your keyboard and click on the Custom Notebook to rename it.  You can also select the Custom Notebook and go to "File > Rename Notebook…"

Adding Pages to a Custom Notebook

You can add pages to a Custom Notebook by dragging and dropping pages or using a menu command.

  1. Select a source notebook in your library and then select one or more pages.  Use "Shift + Ctrl" (Win) / "shift + command" (Mac) keys to multi-select.
  2. Drag and drop the page(s) to the Custom Notebook in the left Navigation Pane.  Click on your Custom Notebook to view the page(s) you selected.

Organizing Pages

You can organize the pages in a Custom Notebook by simply dragging, moving, and dropping them into their new order.  To do so:

  1. Select the Custom Notebook.
  2. Select a page to be moved.
  3. Drag and drop the page into its new location.  The pages will be automatically renumbered in the Custom Notebook.

Deleting Custom Notebooks and Pages

You can delete a Custom Notebook or pages from a Custom Notebook.  Deleting a Custom Notebook or pages from a Custom Notebook will not affect the source notebooks or their pages.

To delete a Custom Notebook:

  1. Select the Custom Notebook.
  2. Choose "File > Delete Notebook..."
  3. At the prompt, click "Yes" (Win) / "Delete" (Mac) to confirm the deletion.

To delete a page:

  1. Select the Custom Notebook.
  2. Select one or more pages to be deleted.  
  3. Windows - Choose "File > Delete Page(s)".  Mac - Press the keyboard "delete" key.
  4. At the prompt click "Yes" (Win) / "Delete" (Mac) to confirm the deletion.

For information on deleting source pages or notebooks please reference ECHO/PULSE - Deleting source pages or notebooks using Echo.

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