80721 - ECHO/PULSE - Printing a range of pages using Mac Echo Desktop

How do I print a range of pages using Mac Echo or Livescribe Desktop?

To Print a range of pages in Mac Echo/Livescribe Desktop:

  1. Under the PAPER section select the notebook that contains the pages to print.
  2. Select a thumbnail of one of the pages to print or view one of the pages in Single Page mode.
  3. Click the Print button or choose "File" and then "Print..." to open the Print dialog. 
  4. If not already expanded, click the down arrow to the right of "Printer:" to expand the Print dialog.
  5. Select a page range from the printable pages (displayed on the left) by entering the page numbers in the "Pages:" section "From:" and "to:" fields on the right.  Note: If the page numbers in your notebook are not continuous, then the page numbers in the print panel on the left will differ from the page numbers in your notebook.  After selecting the page numbers you want you can preview the pages you are printing by clicking the "PDF" drop-down button in the lower left and selecting "Open PDF in Preview".
  6. Click "Print".

All of the pages included in the print range will now print with the exception of any blank pages.

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