85671 - ECHO/PULSE - Mac - De-authorizing / re-authorizing Echo/Livescribe Desktop

How do I log out of and back into Mac Echo/Livescribe Desktop?

If you need to de-authorize Echo/Livescribe Desktop and then re-authorize it in order to access apps you have purchased under a different email account:

  1. Connect your smartpen to the USB charging cable.
  2. Open Echo/Livescribe Desktop if it doesn't open automatically.
  3. Hold the "control" key down on your keyboard and from the top main Menu select "Tools > Customer Support > Deauthorize Echo/Livescribe Desktop…"
  4. Click the "I've talked to Livescribe Customer Support" button.
  5. Click the "Quit" button.
  6. Start Echo/Livescribe Desktop again and at the "Your Livescribe Account" prompt select "Use my existing account" radio button, enter your registered email account address, your password, and click the "Authorize" button.
  7. You should get the prompt "There are new applications available for your smartpen." click the "Install <#> item(s)" button to download and install all applications once more.
  8. Click on "Smartpen Applications" under "APPLICATIONS" on the left to verify the transfer of your applications.
  9. Once the application(s) previously acquired in the Store finish downloading, the file(s) will transfer to the connected smartpen unless you have turned off the Auto-install feature in the "Echo/Livescribe Desktop > Preferences…" menu.  For manually installing apps, when downloading finishes the faded green "+" button(s) will change to bright green (active).  Click the button(s) to load the app(s) to your smartpen.  NOTE: If you click on the active "+" button(s) but nothing happens, you will need to register your smartpen.  Go to "Tools > Smartpen > Register…" and follow the prompts.  When the registration process is complete, return to the "Smartpen Applications" screen to finish transferring your app(s).

If this does not resolve your issue please let us know.

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