80507 - ECHO/PULSE – Using TranscribeMe to convert audio to text

How do I export my audio files so I can have my audio files transcribed to text?

Exporting your Echo or Pulse smartpen audio sessions for use with TranscribeMe's audio transcription service, you will need to use an Evernote account that you can add your audio files to.   TranscribeMe is a pay by the minute service that allows you to record a single speaker or multiple speakers using your smartpen and then convert that conversation to text - http://transcribeme.com/.  

There are two steps to this process:

  1. Export your audio files.
  2. Move them to Evernote.



  1. Access Audio View (Windows) / AUDIO Pencasts View (Mac).
  2. Select the audio file you'd like to share.
  3. Windows users - Right-click on the file and select "Share <file name> to…"  Mac users - Select the "Share" icon in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Select "Computer…"
  5. Select the "Audio Only" tab.  
  6. Select the "M4A" format.
  7. Click "Continue" (Win) / "Export" (Mac) and save the file.


Windows users:

  1. Access Audio View.
  2. Select and then right-click on the audio file you wish to export.  
  3. Use the "Send file name to… > Computer…" option.  
  4. Change the radio button to "Audio Only".
  5. Change the "Select your file type" drop-down to "M4A Audio".
  6. Click "Continue". 
  7. When prompted, choose a folder location to save to such as "Desktop".

Mac users:

  1. Access AUDIO Sessions View.
  2. Drag the audio file you wish to export to the "Computer" connector icon on the left. 
  3. From the "Format:" drop-down, select "M4A Audio".
  4. Click "Send to Computer".
  5. When prompted, choose a folder location to save to such as "Desktop".


  1. Install the Evernote Windows or Mac Desktop app from https://evernote.com/download/.
  2. Run the Evernote app and log in or create an account if you do not already have one.
  3. Follow the steps to create a TranscribeMe account and link it to your Evernote account - http://portal.transcribeme.com/Account/Register.
  4. In the Evernote app, click the Sync button (upper left - two circling arrows).  
  5. Expand "Notebooks" on the left by selecting it.  
  6. A "TranscribeMe" Notebook folder will appear.  Double-click on the "TranscribeMe" Notebook folder to open it.
  7. Drag and drop the audio file(s) you saved on your computer to the "TranscribeMe" Notebook folder.

That's all you need to do.  Once transcription is completed, you will receive an email notification with a Word Document transcript attached.  Other formats are available.

For details on formats, response times and issues with the transcription process please see http://transcribeme.com/support or email support@transcribeme.com.

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