81980 - ECHO/PULSE - Windows Echo Desktop Livescribe PDF player buttons cut off

Why can't I see the complete buttons in the Livescribe PDF player window?  They are barely visible.

If you are trying to play an imported Livescribe PDF in Echo Desktop but the buttons are only partially visible, you can change the Windows Display size to correct this or you can simply wait until the next version of Echo Desktop for the fix.

The cut-off buttons from left to right are:

  • Play
  • Jump back 10 seconds
  • Jump forward 10 seconds
  • Turn to previous page (if more than one page in Livescribe PDF)
  • Turn to next page (if more than one page in Livescribe PDF)



If you do not want to wait for the next version, to change your Windows Display size (Windows 8 users first select the "Desktop" tile):   

  1. Right-click on an open area of your desktop and select "Personalize".
  2. Click on "Display" in the lower left.
  3. Select the radio button for either "Smaller - 100%" or "Larger - 150%" and click "Apply".
  4. When you are ready (you have saved any open files), either click the "Log off now" button or log out of Windows manually at a later time.

Once you log back in and run Echo Desktop you will see complete buttons in the Livescribe PDF viewing pane.

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