80912 - ECHO/PULSE - Uninstalling Windows Echo Desktop

How do I uninstall the Windows Echo Desktop?

To remove Windows Echo Desktop from your system:

  1. Close Echo Desktop if it is running.
  2. Go to "Start" (Windows 8 - right-click in the lower left corner).
  3. Select "Control Panel".
  4. Windows 10/8, 7, and Vista - From Category view under "Programs", select "Uninstall a Program".  From Icons view select "Programs and Features". Windows XP - Select "Add or Remove Programs".
  5. From the list of programs select "Echo Desktop", select "Uninstall" (8, 7, & Vista) / "Remove" (XP), click "Next >" and then "Finish".

Windows Echo Desktop has been removed from your system.

To re-install the Echo Desktop software, go to www.livescribe.com/install

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