Symphony/AEGIR- Smartpen Settings


What options are in the smartpen settings?


When the pen is connected via Bluetooth to the Livescribe+ app on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to access master pen settings screen by:

-Tapping on smartpen icon on (upper right)

Firmware Update:

         In detailed smartpen settings screen. Select “Check for firmware update” option first to check if there are any new updates available for your smartpen. If a new smartpen is available, the user will be given an option to update their smartpen firmware to the latest version.

         Upon successful firmware update, the pen restarts and will automatically reconnect with the smartphone or tablet. It is always recommended to have the latest firmware on the pen.

Master Reset: To do a factory reset of your smartpen. Note that when you reset your smartpen, all your data, written data and Bluetooth device data, will be lost.

Note: It is recommended that the users sync all their written data with all their devices before master reset.

Clean Memory: When your smartpen memory is more than 90%, you will receive a notification whenever your pen wakes up from sleep mode indicating that your memory is above 90% level. To clear memory and free-up space, use the ‘Clean Memory’ option that is under smartpen settings menu.

Note: This will erase all stored data from your smartpen. It is therefore recommended that you sync your smartpen with all your active devices before deleting data.  

Pen Sound: You can turn ON or OFF your smartpen sound notifications under the Livescribe+ smartpen settings page. This will prevent the smartpen from making sound, but will also prevent any notification sounds such as the low battery indicator or error alert.  For a list of notification sounds please see the chart in 20382 - AEGIR - Smartpen LED color indicators.

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