Symphony/Aegir - Troubleshooting continuous beeping and pairing issue


I am having issues with my pen continuously beeping and not pairing.


Does your smartpen beep continuously when you start writing with it on Livescribe notebooks or when you put the pen cap on? Depending on when your smartpen beeps, please follow the correct troubleshooting method mentioned below.

If your smartpen beeps only when you put the pen cap on, please follow the below steps

There is a possibility that your ink refill is stuck in the channel and the pen camera is always turned ON. The best possible solution is to remove the ink cartridge and then try to insert it back again into the pen.

Please follow the instructions in the video to remove ink cartridge:

If your smartpen beeps whenever you start writing with it on Livescribe notebooks, please follow the below steps

In order to correct this issue can you have to update your smartpen firmware to the newest version v2.3.4.x or above.

Connect your Symphony/Aegir smartpen to either Livescribe+ Desktop (available for Windows & Mac OS X) or to the latest version of Livescribe+ mobile App.

  • Livescribe+ Desktop - Smartpen can be connected via USB cable to the computer (recommended)
  • Livescribe+ Mobile - Smartpen can be connected via Bluetooth to your mobile/ tablet device (requires pen's to have a minimum 50% battery level)

Firmware v2.3.x.x will address:

  • Error beep when users make pen down on any Livescribe paper
  • Bluetooth connectivity related issues

Please note: The pen needs to have a minimum 50% battery level for the firmware upgrade to be successful. If the pen's battery level is below 50%, the application will throw an error (Object refused error 9).


  1. Connect your pen via USB cable to the Livescribe+ Desktop application on your Windows or Mac machine.
  2. Select 'Pen Manager' option in the top menu bar and click on 'Details' or click on the pen icon that you notice at the right bottom of the screen that would say 'Connected (USB)' and then click 'Details'.
  3. In the 'Pen Information' screen that appears, click 'Upgrade' and the app will check and download the latest version of the firmware to your smartpen


  1. Forget the smartpen from list of connected Bluetooth devices.
  2. Restart your mobile device.
  3. The LED on the pen will turn solid green.
  4. Hold the ink cartridge down using your finger or against any non Livescribe surface ( it could be the front cover of the notebook ) for 3 seconds until it flashes blue.
  5. Open the Livescribe+ application and go to the menu and click on “Connect to smartpen”.
    1. You will know when the smartpen is connected when you are able to see the smartpen Icon in the top right hand corner of the Livescirbe+ application.
  6. Click on the smartpen icon.
  7. Click on more details.
  8. Click on firmware version
  9. Click on “Yes” when asked to update the smartpens firmware.
    1. While the firmware is being updated there is just one screen that says "Downloading pen firmware. Please wait....."
    2. During firmware upgrade the smartpen's LED will be blue and there will be no change until the firmware upgrade process is completed
    3. After successful firmware upgrade, the smartpen will restart and reconnect back with the mobile device.
      1. If the pen does not reconnect back with the mobile device, please forget the smartpen from the connected Bluetooth devices and try pairing the pen again with the Livescribe+ application on your phone.

Please note: If you interrupt smartpen's firmware upgrade process, then you will have to restart the process from the beginning again.”

If you have any issues with this process please contact us via our support page.

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