Aegir - How does Aegir smartpen record data


Does the new style pen have this same function as the Echo smartpen when using the recording app through an IOS device?


Our newest Aegir smartpen captures everything written on Livescribe Notebooks and stores it in its memory. When the pen is connected to any mobile/ desktop device, it will stream handwritten notes wirelessly or transfer all previously stored notes to the free Livescribe+ App on the device. Unlike the Echo smartpen, the Aegir smartpen does not have a built-in microphone, but the Livescribe+ mobile App can be used to record audio while taking notes with Aegir smartpen. As long as the App is running and the mobile device is in a perfect position to record the conversation, you will never miss a word with Aegir smartpens.

The audio will remain on the mobile device. So, virtually there is no limit to the amount of audio that you can record and the quality will also be superior when compared to recording with the microphone that is on the pen.

Even with Aegir pens, if you tap on a note the audio will start playing back in your mobile device. Just make sure that the App is running and the pen is connected with the mobile.

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