Livescribe+ iOS Release Notes

Livesscribe+ 2.5.14

What's changed?

  • Korean language support added.
  • Support for new paper products.
  • We've improved data sync performance, stroke rendering and made a lot of under the hood improvements to fix crashes and make the app more stable. 

Continue to help make this app better by reaching out to us with your feedback and feature requests at

Livescribe+ 2.5.13 (iOS)

January 23rd 2020

What's fixed or improved?

  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to connect their Google Drive accounts to the app. We know that your notes are special, so we created an effortless way for you to keep your handwritten notes where you need them.

Reach out to us with your comments, feedback and suggestions at

Livescribe+ 2.5.12 (iOS)

December 4th 2019

What's fixed or improved?

  • Unexpected app crash events that happened while importing/ opening Livescribe Pencast PDF files and new smartpen registration was fixed.

Reach out to us with your comments, feedback and suggestions at

Livescribe+ 2.5.11 (iOS)

November 20th 2019

What's New

  • Support for the new Livescribe 2020 Planner Journal. Time to take notes, make plans, track goals and have a digital version with you any time, any day.

What's Fixed

  • Improved support for iOS 13
  • Improved smartpen information UI screen to help users easily access and change key smartpen settings
  • Fixed and made improvements to UI related issues when the App is switched to landscape mode
  • Fixed issues related to icons displayed in the app when used with iPhone 7 Plus
  • Fixed the issue where a pencast from an archived notebook starts playing automatically when users write int eh same page of a new notebook with the same dot pattern.
  • Tuned up the app and made a lot of under the hood improvements to fix unexpected app crash issues and make the app more stable than the last version

We heard you, fixed bugs and improved app performance based on your feedback. Help make this app better by reaching out to us at

Livescribe+ 2.5.10 (iOS)

September 8th 2019

What's New

  • Progress bar to show smartpen sync status and progress
  • Easy to access shortcuts on side panel for some key App features

What's Fixed

  • Fixed unexpected app crashes when selecting 'Reminders List', importing Pencasts or Livescribe PDF files
  • Improved messaging related to archiving notebooks when users are close to finishing a notebook
  • Fixed issues related to sharing feeds directly to cloud connections like Google Drive
  • Improved status indicators for notebooks when they are archived and auto-send enabled

Livescribe+ 2.5.9 (iOS)

July 31st 2019

What's Fixed
  • App crashed whenever users tried to share their notes as PDF. We've identified the issue and fixed the issue. We've also made some more minor under the hood changes changes to make the App more stable and better than the last version.

Livescribe+ 2.5.8 (iOS)

July 25th 2019

What's New

  • Support for the new & improved Aegir FW v2.3.4.2
  • Access to Livescribe's Knowledge base articles directly from the App
  • Ability to reach Livescribe CS team directly from the App
  • Auto-sending notes to your OneNote account in PDF format will now include a page preview being added to each page

What's Fixed

  • Fixed unexpected App crashes during Pencast recording for certain users
  • Tweaked the way Aegir pen connects with the App via Bluetooth to make the whole experience simple, reliable, and easy to use
  • Recording and tagging controls had to be tapped twice sometimes for them to be activated while using Aegir. This has been fixed and all it takes is just a single tap to start/ stop recording from paper or be organized by tagging important notes
  • We’ve tuned up notebook sharing experience. One notebook or multiple notebooks, sharing or syncing with your preferred cloud service is easier than before
  • We’ve worked on your inputs and made several under the hood performance improvements. Reach out to us with your questions, features requests, comments, etc. at 
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