Aegir LED Status Indicators

Aegir smartpen uses it's LED status indicator and a sound buzzer to communicate to the user  its current status, an action, or various other alerts related to the following categories,

More details about different types of indicators can be seen below.


LED Color Connection Status
Solid Green Pen is awake and can be used to write on any Livescribe Paper to capture notes but is not connected to any Bluetooth enabled device
Blinking Blue Pen is in pairing mode and is ready to make an initial Bluetooth connection with a new device

Tip: The pen must be in this state to pair with any new device
Solid Blue Smartpen is awake and is connected via Bluetooth to a device. Your notes will be saved on the pen and live streamed to the Livescribe+ App on your device
Pulsing Blue Indication to the user that the smartpen is trying to connect with its last known device. Whenever you start writing with the pen on any Livescribe paper, the pen will automatically try to connect with its known device

Note: Shown only during the first 3 attempts.


LED Color Connection Status
Solid Orange Low battery indicator. Smartpen battery is at 20% or below and needs to be charged. At 5% battery level, the pen shuts down automatically with a beep and will not capture notes anymore.
Pulsing Green Smartpen is connected to a USB power source through its micro-USB port and is charging.Tip: It takes 120 mins to fully charge the smartpen
Solid Green

When smartoen is connected to a USB power source, a solid green indicates that the smartpen is fully charged.

Other Alerts

LED Color Connection Status
Blinking Red (x3 with sound) Error Alert: Possible errors include improper writing angle, smartpen memory is full, unrecognized writing surface, etc.
Pulsing Red Audio recording (Pencast) in process on mobile device.
Blinking Red Smartpen memory is above 90% of its capacity. This notification will repeat every time the pen wakes up until the memory is cleared. When the pens memory is full, it will not capture any data and will trigger error notification when you try to write.Tip: Connect your pen to your device and clear memory using pen settings in Livescribe+ app

Managing Aegir smartpen sound and LED status indicators

Currently turning the LED off on the Aegir smartpen is not an option as keeping the users informed about their smartpen status is essential to ensure that they do not miss out on anything important.

However, it is possible to turn OFF sound notifications on your Aegir smartpen.

How do I turn the sound off for my Aegir smartpen?

To turn the Aegir smartpen sound off:

  1. Open Livescribe+ App on your mobile device.
  2. Connect your Aegir smartpen to your device by writing with your Aegir smartpen on Livescribe dot pattern printed paper (pair first if it is a new device).
  3. Once the pen is connected, Tap on the 'Pen Icon' and press 'More details' to open Pen Settings screen
    1. Mobile: Pen icon is located at the upper right hand corner in mobile App
  4. Under Notifications section, turn Pen Sound “OFF”.

This will prevent the smartpen from making sound, but will also prevent any notification sounds such as the low battery indicator or error alert.

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