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Connecting Aegir Smartpen

Aegir smartpen is the only smartpen that is compatible with the Livescribe+ Desktop Application.

Aegir smartpen can be connected either via Bluetooth or via USB Cable to the Livescribe+ App on your desktop. To connect Aegir with your Desktop via Bluetooth or USB, please follow the steps mentioned in “ Connecting Aegir with your devices”.

Note: Pairing needs to be done once with each device unless you wish to unpair the devices later. The connection is the step after pairing, this is the state of the Aegir actively communicating with the device it has previously paired with. When you start using Aegir on Livescribe dot pattern printed notebooks, it will automatically try to connect with previously paired devices that have their Bluetooth turned on and are in range.
Once Aegir is connected to the computer, the LED on the Aegir will be solid blue. While Aegir is connected it can stream handwritten notes directly to the Livescribe+ App on your computer. The smartpen will automatically transfer all the data that is previously stored in the pen to the Livescribe+ App on the device.

Viewing & Managing Notes

With Livescribe+ Desktop, you can view your notes transferred from your smartpen.

Viewing Your Notebooks

You can use the Livescribe+ App to view and manage any Livescribe notebook that you’ve written in with your Aegir smartpen. The Livescribe+ App lists all your active notebooks and archived notebooks. To view and navigate through your notebooks, do any of the following:

  • Tapping on the ‘Notebooks’ tab will show the library view that will list all your notebooks, active and archived, along with notebook cover thumbnails for easy identification.
  • To view a specific notebook, click on the notebook name and thumbnails of all pages in that notebook will be loaded.
  • To open a specific page in the notebook, navigate to find the right page you want to view and then click on the thumbnail of that page.
  • To move between pages, use the navigation pane on the left side or the arrows to move to the previous/ next page.
  • To jump to a specific page in the Livescribe+ App, tap that page in your paper notebook while your smartpen is turned ON and connected to the Livescribe+ Desktop application.
  • To switch to another view of the notes on an open page, tap the ‘Feed’ view on the right side of the screen.

Livescribe+ Desktop_Notebooks View

Managing Your Notebooks

The Notebook menu helps you manage your notebooks. Once the desired notebook is selected you will have the following options:

  • Rename: Enables you to change the name of your notebook. The new name appears in share destinations and throughout the Livescribe+ Desktop Application.
  • Archive: Enables you to use a new notebook that is the same kind of notebook as an existing notebook. Archiving a notebook does not change the way you view or access that notebook in Livescribe+. An archived notebook behaves the same way as an active notebook but will be listed under the archived notebooks list.
  • To learn more about archiving, see Archiving
  • Delete: Enables you to permanently remove the notebook from Livescribe+ Application. Be sure you want to remove the entire notebook; you cannot undo a deletion. Deleting in Livescribe+ Desktop App does not, however, delete the notebook from ‘Share’ destinations where you have previously sent this content or from Livescribe+ Applications on other devices like mobile/ other desktops.
  • Share: Provides you with the option to share either your entire notebook or specific pages in the format that you would like to and to the destination of your choice.

To learn more about these sharing options and how to share your handwritten notes, see Sharing Notes.

Deleting Pages from your Notebooks

In addition to deleting an entire notebook, you can select one or more pages in a notebook and delete those pages.

Note: You cannot undo a deletion

  • From a notebook’s thumbnail view, select the pages you want to delete.
  • Right-click and select ‘Delete’ or click the ‘Delete’ icon on the menu bar
  • Select ‘Yes’ to confirm the deletion of selected pages.

Exporting & Sharing Pages from your Notebooks

In addition to sharing an entire notebook, you can select one or more pages in a notebook and then share those pages.

  1. From the notebook’s thumbnail view, select the pages you want to share.
  2. To Export, click on ‘Export’ and select the desired format to share selected pages. You will be provided with an option to save the file locally in your system or share it via email.
  3. To share directly with any of the cloud connections of your choice, select the desired destination, and watch your selected pages be shared instantly.

To learn more about sharing options, see Sharing Notes.

Feeds View

In Feeds view, your notes are automatically divided into snippets based on formatting, spacing, and chronology of your handwritten notes. You can act on and share these snippets easily with other applications.

Viewing Your Feeds

To view a feed, select your smartpen’s name under the ‘Feeds’ tab in the Livescribe+ Desktop App. All your notes/ snippets will be grouped based on dates and will be displayed.

Note: If you own more than one Aegir smartpen, you will have a separate feed for each of your smartpens.

Working with Snippets

After you open a feed, you can act on a single snippet or on a group of snippets. To select a single snippet, just click on it. To select a group of snippets, click each of the snippets that you’d like to select. You can perform any of the actions described in the table below on the selected snippets.

Action Description
Handwriting to text Click on the ‘Transform’ button on the top menu bar or right-click a selected snippet and select ‘Text Transform’ to transcribe your handwritten notes into typed text. If needed, you can click on ‘Edit’ and edit the transcription.
Copy Right-click on any snippet/ snippets and select ‘Copy’ to copy transcription to clipboard. You can now paste this content from the clipboard into another app on your desktop. Handwritten notes will appear as editable text in other apps.
Delete Select any snippet/ snippets and click the ‘Delete’ option in the top menu bar. Deleting removes the selected snippet from all views in the Livescribe+ Desktop App on the device. You cannot undo a deletion.

Assigning Tags Select any snippet/ snippets and click the ‘Collections’ option in the top menu bar. Select Favorites, Flagged or Tagged to assign the selected snippets to that collection. You can assign multiple tags to the selected snippets. Use the Collections view to view/ un-assign your collections.
Merge Select multiple snippets, right-click, and select ‘Merge’ to join the selected snippets. You cannot separate snippets after you merge them. Only snippets from the same page can be merged together.

Collections View

Collections are just groups of tagged snippets that enable you to organize and view your snippets in groups that are independent of pages and notebooks. Collections provide an easy way for you to keep track of important content and to quickly find snippets that you’ve labeled.

Livescribe+ includes three types of collections: Favorites, Flagged and Tagged.

Livescribe+ Collections View

Placing content in collections

To place your content in a collection, you assign a tag to one or more of your snippets. You assign these tags in Livescribe+ or in your paper notebook. If you want to place your content in more than one collection, you can assign multiple tags to the same snippet or group of snippets.

Once you assign a tag, the logo of the selected collection appears in the top-right corner of the snippet, so you can easily see that you tagged that snippet.

Assigning Tags in Livescribe+

  • Select your smartpen’s name under the Feeds tab in the Livescribe+ Desktop menu.
  • Select the feeds that you would like to add to a collection. A checkmark appears on the selected feeds.
  • Click on the ‘Collections’ option in the menu bar. Select Favorites, Flagged or Tagged to assign the selected snippets to that collection.

Assigning Tags in your Livescribe Notebook

To tag your content directly from your paper notebook, you must assign the tags just after you write the content. In your paper notebook, tap the icon for the tag you want to assign:

Removing Tags

If you no longer want to include a snippet in a collection, you can remove the tag you assigned to it. If you remove all the tags assigned to the snippet, the respective tag icon no longer appears in the top-right corner of the snippet.

  • Go to the ‘Collections’ tab in the Livescribe+ Desktop menu.
  • Select the snippet (or snippets) which you want to remove the tag.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Collection’ option in the menu bar and confirm one more time.

Viewing Collections

After you assign tags to your snippets, you can view all the snippets that you assigned a particular tag.

  • Go to the ‘Collections’ tab in the Livescribe+ Desktop menu.
  • Under the ‘Collections’ heading, tap the collection that you want to view: Favorites, Flagged, or Tagged.
  • Interact with your snippets.
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