Ink cartridge compatibility for Aegir Smartpens

The Aegir smartpen uses a standard D1 style ink cartridge from Zebra. Ink cartridges that meet the same size specifications (67 mm x 2.35 mm diameter) and contain carbon free ink may also be used, though Livescribe does not guarantee the performance of other brand replacement ink cartridges. Please see below two models of ink that we have conducted preliminary testing on and seem to work with the Aegir smartpen are:

  • Livescribe Ink Cartridges (ARA-00009 - Black Medium Point or ARA-00010 - Blue Medium Point)
  • Cross Mini Ball-Point Pen Refill - Black Medium (Part #8518–4)
  • Monteverde USA Mini D-1Ballpoint Refill – Black Medium (Item# D132BK)

NOTE: Do not use Echo ink refills as it is too short for the Aegir 3 smartpen..

Replacing ink cartridges

NOTE: When replacing ink cartridges, ensure that your pen is placed in such a way that the LED indicator is facing up

You can remove the ink cartridge from the pen by simply pulling out the ink cartridge from the channel. Pull out the ink cartridge with your fingers. You may use a clip for stronger grip.

Push the new cartridge into the smartpen until it clicks into place.

Please see YouTube video indicating the steps to take when removing the ink cartridge from the Aegir smartpen:

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