Symphony/Aegir - Connection & Data Transfer (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this article, you will find details about some of the commonly asked questions related to Symphony/Aegir's connection and data transfer methods.


How can I connect my Symphony/Aegir smartpen with my devices?

Symphony/Aegir can be connected either via Bluetooth (Mobile or Desktop) or via USB Cable (only with Desktop) with your device. Upon successful connection, Symphony/Aegir will automatically transfer all the data that is stored in the pen to the Livescribe+ App on the device. Handwritten notes can also be live streamed to the device using an active Bluetooth connection.

How do I pair my Symphony/Aegir smartpen with a new Bluetooth device?

  • Method 1: Tap on the "Device Pairing" smartpaper icon on any Livescribe notebook with the tip of your pen to enter pairing mode (blinking blue LED). 
  • Method 2: Press down and hold the pen tip for 3 seconds on any non-Livescribe paper surface to enter pairing mode (blinking blue LED).
Once the pen is blinking blue, open the Livescribe+ app in your device and select Options --> "Connect to smartpen"
The app should identify the pen and request for pairing permission.

Follow these methods to bring your Symphony/Aegir smartpen into pairing mode.

Do I have to pair Symphony/Aegir with my device every time I start writing?

No, the Symphony/Aegir smartpen needs to be paired only for the first time with any new device that you use it with. The smartpen remembers the device and connects with the known device the next time when you start writing.

How do I connect my Symphony/Aegir with a previously paired device?

Symphony/Aegir needs to be paired first with any new device that you use it with. Once Symphony/Aegir is successfully paired with a device for the first time, whenever you start writing with your Symphony/Aegir smartpen on Livescribe notebooks, it automatically reconnects to the most recent device you used the pen with (provided the device Bluetooth is turned ON and is in range).

Once Symphony/Aegir is successfully paired with a device for the first time, whenever you start writing with the smartpen on Livescribe paper, the smartpen will wake up instantly (if it was previously in sleep mode) and will try to connect with its known Bluetooth devices if the device is within range. Upon successful connection, the smartpen LED will turn solid blue and the Livescribe+ app will be synced with all the data from the pen.

Do I need an active Bluetooth connection to record audio while taking notes?

Yes, since the Symphony/Aegir smartpen does not have an in-built speaker or microphone and uses your mobile/ tablet to record audio, an active Bluetooth connection is required for recording audio while taking notes.

Managing multiple Bluetooth Connections

How many Bluetooth devices can Symphony/Aegir smartpen remember and connect automatically to?

You can pair up to 3 devices with the smartpen but can only connect to the Livescribe+ App on one device at a time. Symphony/Aegir will always try to connect with the most recent device it was used with. If the most recent device is not available for Bluetooth connection, Symphony/Aegir will then automatically try to connect with its two other known devices that it was previously connected with.
Depending on the type of Bluetooth device, BLE or Classic, the re-connection time could vary.

What will happen if I pair my Symphony/Aegir with a fourth device?

If you are trying to pair a fourth device, the smartpen will automatically remove the oldest device from its list and will remember the 3 recent devices.

Syncing and Data Transfer

Will the pen capture data on its own?

Yes, Symphony/Aegir smartpen has an on-board flash memory and can store up to 1200 A4 pages worth of notes in its memory before it gets filled up. As long as the pen is charged, it can capture anything that you write with it on Livescribe dot-pattern-enabled paper.

If the pen's battery is below 5%, it will go into sleep mode and will not capture any data. Pen needs to be charged before it can be powered ON and can be used for data capture.

Is an active connection needed for Symphony/Aegir to capture my handwriting?

No, an active connection is not needed for Symphony/Aegir to capture handwriting. Anything that you write with the Symphony/Aegir smartpen on Livescribe dot-pattern printed notebooks is captured and stored in its 128MB internal flash memory. Then when the pen is next connected with the Livescribe+ Application on any of your devices, the data is automatically transferred to the Livescribe+ App.

So, the pen can support both real-time streaming and also the offline mode (capture handwriting without an active Bluetooth connection and then transfer handwritten notes when connected to a device).

How can I transfer data from my smartpen to the Livescribe+ App on my device?

As soon as your smartpen gets connected with the Livescribe+ App on your device, it automatically starts syncing all the data from the pen to the Livescribe+ App. Depending on the amount of data to be transferred, the data transfer time varies. If your smartpen has more than 5MB memory, it is recommended to use USB connection to transfer data to your desktop rather than via Bluetooth.

I use my Symphony/Aegir smartpen with multiple devices. How do I transfer data between my device?

Whenever you connect your Symphony/Aegir smartpen with your device, the data stored in the pen is automatically synced with your device. Using your smartpen is the only way to transfer your handwritten notes to all of your devices.

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