Smartpen blinking red when it is charging - Aegir Troubleshooting


My Aegir smartpen is blinking red when it is connected to USB power source and is charging. Is my memory full or is my smartpen defective?


If your smartpen is blinking red (without beep) when connected to USB power source, then it means that your smartpen is in pre-charging phase i.e. battery has been completely drained and has been left for a long time without being charged. 

How do I know if the pen is in pre-charging state and it is not a battery related issue?
If the smartpen LED is blinking red without sound when it is connected to USB power source, then it confirms that your smartpen battery is in pre-charging state.

What should I do to bring the pen out of this state?
The pen needs to be charged in order to be retrieved back from this stage.

How much time should I charge the pen to bring it out of this state?
Sometimes, it takes only 10 or 15 mins but at times, we've seen the smartpen takes over 1 hour to be out of this state.

How can I avoid this in future?
Charging the smartpen at regular intervals will help to avoid this situation in future.

I've tried the above mentioned steps and I'm still unable to retrieve my smartpen out of this state - Please reach out to us and we'll help you out.
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