Auto-Send: Syncing Notes Automatically to Cloud

Introduction to Auto-Send

Auto-Send is a great way to get your content where you need it by simply setting up your notebook to automatically send to your existing cloud service account. This option automatically sends all your notes from the selected notebook to your selected cloud service account, including edits to existing pages and new pages you add to the notebook in Livescribe+.

By automatically sending your handwritten notes to your account, you can easily access your content anytime on any of your devices. It’s also a simple way to back up and share your content with other people.

Note: If you use your smartpen with more than one device, set up Auto-Send only on a single device. For example, don’t Auto-Send Journal 2 to your Evernote account from your iPad, and Auto-Send Journal 2 to Evernote from your desktop - this would create two Evernote notebooks with identical content. To avoid this type of duplication, use Auto-Send on one device per notebook.

Available Cloud Connections

It is now possible to automatically sync your handwritten notebooks with the following cloud connections:

  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Setting up Auto-Send

To set-up a notebook to Auto-Send, do the following:

  1. In Livescribe+ Desktop App, select and right click the notebook that you would like to auto-send
  2. Select Auto-Send
  3. Select the cloud service of your choice
Note: If you've not signed-in and connected your cloud service account already, the app will prompt you to sign-in first before enabling auto-send. Go to 'Preferences' > 'Cloud Services' and sign into your preferred cloud service

If a notebook is auto-send enabled, auto-send icon is displayed next to the notebook name and when your notes are being synced with the selected cloud services, the there is an icon shown to indicate the in-progress sync.


Turning Off Auto-Send

  1. In Livescribe+ Desktop App, select and right click the notebook that you would like to stop syncing with your cloud account
  2. Click on auto-send
  3. Select the name of the service that you want to turn off
Note: If you set up Auto-Send again for the same notebook and service, this re-sends all of the same content to a new notebook or space in your account.
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