Printing free Livescribe dot paper and controls online

How do I print free dot paper notebooks sheets or smartpen controls for the Livescribe smartpens?

You can download and print your own free dot paper notebooks and control sheets for the Livescribe smartpens by accessing the links below.

NOTE: Works best with Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Safari can take much longer to load the page and may cause printing errors.

Echo 2/SymphonyAegir/Livescribe 3 notebook pages:

Echo 2 Digital Panel with Smartpen Controls

Aegir/Livescribe 3 controls (includes a "Device Pairing" button):

Livescribe Wifi/Echo Calculator & Time/Date Settings Sheet

For best results, we recommend you use a color laserjet printer with Adobe PostScript support preferred / PCL driver that can print more than 600 DPI and a minimum of 128MB of Ram (256Mb or more is preferred). 

The Paper Size should be set to "Letter (8 ½ x 11 in)".  Try printing a test page to ensure your printer will work.  

Before printing, be sure the Size Option is set to "Actual Size" or the equivalent such as "Page Scaling: None" (not "Scale to fit", "Fit", or "% of actual size"). 

NOTE: When opening in a browser window the page(s) will need to completely load before the icon bar appears with the Print button.  Mouse over the bottom areas of the window to see the button bar.  Some browser plug-ins emulate Reader but do not print with the same quality as Adobe Reader. If you are printing through a browser but the smartpen does not react to the dot paper, try downloading the PDF to your local machine by mousing over the notebook link, right-clicking (Win) / control-clicking (Mac), and selecting "Save link as…"  Once the notebook is downloaded, print it using Adobe Reader with "Page Scaling:" set to "Fit to Printable Area".  Also make sure you are printing in color, not black and white.

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