Unable to connect Symphony/Aegir with Livescribe+ Desktop via Bluetooth


I'm able to connect my Symphony/Aegir with my computer directly via Bluetooth settings menu but the pen is either not showing up/ transferring data over to Livescribe+ Desktop application. 


Symphony/Aegir smartpen uses a dual mode BT chip that supports both BLE and Classic mode Bluetooth. It is possible to connect Symphony/Aegir either using the Livescribe+ Desktop App’s interface or using the native Windows BT Settings menu.

If you connect the pen using the native BT settings, when you search for a new BT device, two variants of Symphony/Aegir will show up (refer to the image below). Please note that you will have to connect with the non-BLE version of the device i.e. Symphony/Aegir Smartpen’. If for some reason, you’ve connected with the ‘BLE version of Symphony/Aegir’, please forget that device and try to connect to the non-BLE version again.

Note: When you try to connect with the pen through the app, the app is programmed to pair and connect with only the non-BLE version. So this should be noted only when you try to connect the pen through native Windows BT device settings menu.

Connecting via BT

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