Echo 2 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Archiving Livescribe Notebooks

How do I clear the memory from my Echo 2 smartpen?

Archiving will allow you to use your Echo 2 smartpen with your new notebook that has the same name and style as the notebook you have already used and will clear the memory off the smartpen.  

After archiving, Livescribe+ will still play archived notebook pencasts identically to how they were played before they were archived.   

Note that your archived notebooks are still stored on your smartpen so that:

  • When using your smartpen to tap on the ink in an archived notebook, you will still "jump to" that page in the Livescribe+ archived notebook. 

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to archive the old notebook on every device that you have Livescribe+ installed on that contains the old notebook.  For example, if you have been using your Echo 2 smartpen with your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or Windows computer, archive the notebook on all three devices.

You have two options for archiving.

Archiving using Livescribe+ Mobile:

  1. Start Livescribe+.
  2. IMPORTANT: Turn on the paired Echo 2.  You cannot archive a notebook unless your smartpen is on and connected.
  3. In the Livescribe+ app, tap and hold on the notebook cover icon you want to archive.
  4. Tap the "Archive" option.   

In Livescribe+, the only change to the archived notebook will be the cover icon.  It will change to an icon of a file cabinet drawer on a semi-transparent background.  Once you start using it, your new notebook will appear with the same name as the archived notebook but with a number appended to the name ( i.e. a new "Livescribe 3 Journal 1" will appear as "Livescribe 3 Journal 1 [1]").

NOTE:  Once you are near the end of a notebook (e.g. last five pages), an "Archive Now" thumbnail page will appear in "Notebooks" view that will also allow you to archive your notebook by tapping on the page.

Archiving using a Livescirbe+ Desktop: 

  1. Turn on the Echo 2 smartpen.
  2. Connect the smartpen to Livescribe+ Desktop either by Bluetooth or USB-C connection.
  3. Select the Notebooks you would like to archive.
  4. Tap the "Archive" option above on the application.

Once one of these steps is done, the data will be removed from the smartpen and achieved onto your computer or mobile device.

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