29100 - ECHO/PULSE - LIVESCRIBE DESKTOP USERS - Manual Mac smartpen firmware update utility

How can I update my Echo/Pulse smartpen firmware if I cannot do the update through the Livescribe Desktop app?

We have a Mac Smartpen Flash utility you can use to update your Echo or Pulse smartpen when you cannot update using the normal Livescribe Desktop process.   

WARNING: Always use the latest utility in this article, not one you previously downloaded.  Smartpen firmware cannot be downgraded.  If it is downgraded the smartpen could stop functioning properly (example: firmware X.5 is on the smartpen but you experience a problem and use an older utility to load firmware X.4 to try and "fix" the issue. Not only could this "fix" cause problems with the way the smartpen works, but it could also damage the data stored on it and require a master reset of the smartpen).

To update your smartpen firmware: 

  1. Open Livescribe Desktop.
  2. From the top Menu select "Livescribe Desktop > Preferences… > General"
  3. Un-check "Auto-launch Livescribe Desktop when smartpen is attached" (you can turn this back on after updating the smartpen).
  4. Un-check "Auto-launch Livescribe Connect when smartpen is attached" (you can turn this back on after updating the smartpen).
  5. Close Livescribe Desktop.
  6. Shut down Livescribe Connect (control-click the Connect icon on the Dock and select "Quit").
  7. Make sure your charging cable is plugged directly into a USB port on your computer and not into a USB hub, docking station, keyboard, or monitor port.
  8. Dock your smartpen to the USB cable.
  9. Use this link to start the download of the flashing utility - http://www.livescribe.com/downloads/support/LivescribeSmartpenFlashUtility_2.9.8_Mac.zip
  10. Once the download completes, in the "Downloads" window double-click the "LivescribeSmartpenFlashUtility…" file to install it.  For OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later, you may need to "control"-click or right-click on the Smartpen Flash utility icon, select "Open", and then select "Open" again.
  11. If prompted with "'LivescribeSmartpenFlashUtility…' is an application which was downloaded from the internet.  Are you sure you want to open it?" click the "Open" button.
  12. Run the app.  
  13. When the "Pen Flash Utility" dialog window opens click the "Update Smartpen Firmware" button.
  14. When prompted with "Update Pen Firmware… are you sure?" click "Update". 

The update can take approximately 10 minutes and is complete when you see "The firmware on your pen has been updated."  Click "OK" to close the dialog window.

To close the application, from the top menu options click "Pen Flash Utility" and then "Quit Pen Flash Utility".

If you have an issue updating your smartpen please let us know.

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