WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Smartpen Settings menu

How do I access the smartpen Settings menu?

Using the Settings menu, you can change and view settings of the smartpen, including:

Settings - Livescribe wifi  smartpens
Wi-Fi Settings                                        
                    Find Networks
                    Manage Networks
                              - List networks
                              - Forget a network
                              - Forget all networks
                              - Manual Configuration
                                       - Select network type
                                                - Open
                                                - WPA-PSK
                                                - WPA2-PSK
                                                - WPA-Enterprise (EAP-PEAP)
                                                - WEP
                    Wi-Fi On/Off
                    Check Connectivity
                               - <network name>
                               - IP
                               - MAC Address
                               - Route
                     MAC Address
Archive Notebook
Shortcut Buttons                                   
                    Assign Home, Shortcut 1, Shortcut 2, Shortcut 3
Audio Compression                              
                    Recording quality: High, Medium, Low

Erase all content and settings               
                    Pen reset <!!WARNING: completely erases smartpen - all data will be lost,
                                      including notes, audio, and registration information on the
                                      smartpen.  This reset cannot be undone!!  If you are giving/selling
                                      the pen to someone else you can use this option to un-register the smartpen.

Settings - Echo & Pulse smartpens
Recording quality                                 
                    High, Medium, Low

Settings - All smartpens

Microphone sensitivity
                    Conference room, Lecture hall, Automatic
Playback latency
                    On, Off
Menu voice
                    On, Off
Display brightness                               \
                    100%, 90%, 75%, 50%, 10%
Scroll speed                                         
                    1-10 (1 is slowest, 10 is fastest)
Display orientation                              
                    Right-handed, Left-handed
Date format                                          
                     mm.dd.yy, dd.mm.yy, yy.mm.dd
Time format                                         
                    12-hour, 24-hour
Launch line                                          
                    On, Off
Auto-off time                                       
                   30 mins, 1hr, 2hrs, 4 hrs
Smartpen name                                    
                   <name given smartpen during registration>
                   English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
                   Japanese, Korean, Malay, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese

TIP: In the Settings menu, active options appear with a check-mark on the display.

To access the Settings Menu: 

  1. Double-tap the center of a Menu button (the arrows at the bottom left of your notebook page) to go the Main Menu.
  2. Tap down until Settings is displayed.
  3. Tap right to select Settings.
  4. Tap down and up to scroll through the settings list.
  5. Tap right to select a setting.
  6. Tap down and up to scroll through the setting options.
  7. Tap right to select an option. After activating an option, a confirmation message will scroll across your smartpen display and the active option will have a checkmark beside it in the display.
  8. Tap left to return to the option setting list to make a different selection.
  9. Tap left again to return to the option list to select a different option.
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