WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Launch Line and Tap Around

What are the Launch Line and Tap Around commands?

You can use Launch Line to quickly launch any Open Paper application installed on your smartpen.  Open Paper applications are applications that do not require pre-printed paper controls to function.  Examples of these applications are Piano and Calculator.

Tap around is a feature of Launch Line that is an alternative to using the Menu button (lower-left corner of any notebook page) to navigate menus of an application.  The areas immediately surrounding a Launch Line function as if using the Menu button controls.  These controls are:  

Tap Up, Tap Down, Tap Left, Tap Right, and Tap Center.

The tap-around regions correspond to the features and regions of the Menu button, except that:

  • Tap around controls the menus and navigation within its corresponding application only.
  • You cannot use tap around controls to launch other applications.

To create and use Launch Line and tap around:

  1. With no other applications running, draw a horizontal line on your notebook (starting from the right or left) and without removing your smartpen tip from the page, immediately double back on the line ending close to where you started.
  2. Immediately write the name of the target application above the line (e.g. "calc"). 
  3. To launch an application, tap right if the correct application is appearing on your smartpen OLED display, or tap up/down to display the application you want to run and then tap right to start it. 
  4. Once it is running you can use the tap around the feature to navigate the application. Tap just above, below, left, or right of the application name to perform the corresponding functions of the Menu button.

After creating a Launch Line, it remains as an active "button" that you can tap at any time to launch the application.

The active areas for up, down, left, and right are invisible rectangles extending 1/4" outward from the shortcut word in the four directions. In the graphic below, the shortcut word is "Settings" which launches the smartpen's Settings app.

Note: You can use Tap Around with a Launch Line and shortcut word that you wrote in the past. Just tap on the word to activate the app, and then tap up, down, right, or left.

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