Using Sticky Notes

How are the Sticky Note control buttons used?

Livescribe Sticky Notes take the familiarity and convenience of sticky notes - small pieces of paper with a strip of repositionable adhesive on the back - and add the power of Livescribe Dots.

You can quickly capture short notes, lists, and reminders while adding audio to them. Attach Livescribe Sticky Notes to any printout, magazine, or book page to add personalized interactive notes.

Livescribe Sticky Notes come with the familiar Menu and Paper Replay buttons printed along the bottom edge. Along the top edge, Sticky Notes have additional buttons: Home and Shortcuts.

The Home button stops the currently running smartpen application and returns you to the default Home display which is the time.

The three Shortcut buttons have functionality that you assign to them to make them quick launch buttons.

To assign a shortcut, tap and hold one of the three buttons.  Then write the name of the application or Quick Command you want to assign to that button and double-tap ( for the Sky Wifi and the Echo pen ) and you can use the Quick send for the Livescribe 3 and Aegir pen.

That button can now be used to launch that app or command from any Sticky Note notepad.

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