Ink cartridge life

What is the life of my ink cartridge?

Below are the approximate number of pages your ink cartridge will last before it needs replacement:

 Notebook Type  Medium Point Cartridge Fine Point Cartridge  
 8.5" x 11"     35 pages  56 pages
 A5    60 pages    95 pages
 Journal    65 pages   105 pages

Medium point cartridges are available in Blue and Black from most retailers/resellers that carry the Livescribe smartpen.

Fine point cartridges are available in Blue, Black and Red on the Livescribe U.S. online Store only.

NOTE: If your ink stops flowing on a page but you have not written on the number of pages mentioned above (e.g. runs out on the very first page), this does not necessarily mean you are out of ink or that there is a problem with the cartridge.

This may be a result of writing too quickly and not allowing additional ink enough time to flow to the bottom of the cartridge to replace the ink that was used.  

If this happens please allow 30-40 seconds to elapse before writing again.  By doing this, and writing slower, you should not run out of ink again until you have truly exhausted the ink in the cartridge.

If you still have missing ink on the paper after waiting 30-40 seconds:

  1. Remove the ink cartridge from the smartpen.
  2. Scribble on an area of any page in the notebook until the ink starts flowing again.
  3. Replace the ink cartridge and start writing once more.
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