WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Paper Replay

What is Paper Replay? 

Paper Replay™ is a smartpen application that allows you to write notes in your Livescribe notebook and record audio at the same time.  As you write, your smartpen indexes (or links) your notes to the recorded audio. The information you capture during Paper Replay is called a session.

Typically a session consists of the recorded audio and associated notes.  You can also create paperless sessions, which consist of the recorded audio-only.  

NOTE: Livescribe 3 smartpens do not have the annotation feature below and cannot play audio from the smartpen.  This is only an option for Sky/wifi, Echo or Pulse smartpens:

For wifi, Echo or Pulse smartpens, after recording a session you can playback a session on your smartpen and write additional notes in your notebook.  Paper Replay "annotates" or associates these additional notes with the session's original audio. 

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