26013 - WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Using an external USB Hub or USB extension cable

Using an external USB Hub or USB extension cable with your smartpen.

If you are plugging your USB charging cable/cradle into a USB Hub AND you have a wifi, Echo, or Pulse (Titanium or Black) smartpen, you must use a powered external Hub (plugged into an electrical outlet) to avoid problems with smartpen detection and/or data transfer issues.

Passive Hubs (powered by your computer, not by an electrical outlet) can be used with the Charcoal-Blue Pulse smartpens, but Titanium or Black Pulse and all wifi and Echo smartpens draw too much power to be used on a passive Hub.

USB extension cables (seen here) that extend the distance from the computer USB port to the smartpen USB charging cable should not be used for any wifi, Echo, or Pulse smartpens. 


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