LIVESCRIBE 3 - Windows manual firmware update utility

How can I update my Livescribe 3 smartpen firmware if I cannot do the update through the Livescribe+ app?

We have a Windows Helper app utility you can use to update your Livescribe 3 smartpen when you cannot update using the normal Livescribe+ app process.  

This app does not work properly on a tablet so you must be at your computer.

To use the Helper app: 

  1. Connect your Livescribe 3 pen to the USB cable (if not already connected).
  2. Install Livescribe Helper from
  3. If it doesn't start automatically, run Livescribe Helper.  For Windows 8 type "helper" from the Start screen, select Apps, and select "Livescribe Helper".   For Win 7/Vista/XP access "Start > All Programs > Livescribe > Livescribe Helper".
  4. At the prompt "A smartpen update is available" click the "Install" button to install the firmware.  The LED will flash yellow while the smartpen is updated.  Please allow up to a minute for the update to complete.  NOTE: If the smartpen isn't recognized, please see 85121 - WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Windows (or Mac) - Smartpen not recognized by Echo Desktop (ECHO/PULSE)/Livescribe Helper (WIFI).

 Once the update finishes, the LED will turn green indicating your smartpen has been updated with the latest firmware and is now charging.

If you get an error during the update and have made several attempts to re-install the pen firmware without success you can try updating the firmware bundle manually by doing the following:

  1. Download the firmware bundle.
  2. Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Drag the file from your desktop over the Livescribe Helper app window and drop the file.
  4. A message "Installing the update.  Please wait…" will appear in the window.  If you don't see this message, drag the bundle file over the Helper window and drop the file again.  Allow up to 10 minutes for the update to complete.

 If an error appears during the update, try disconnecting/reconnecting your smartpen and repeat the process above.  If you continue to get an error please let us know. 

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