LIVESCRIBE 3 - Notebook icons

What do the icons in my Livescribe 3 notebook do?

The icons in the Livescribe 3 notebook are used as follow:

  • Star, Flag and Tag icons - to highlight particular notes and have them show up in the Collections section of the Livescribe+ app.  This is a great way to highlight action items or other important follow up notes.
  • Record/Pause/Stop icons - to control the audio recording functions on your iOS or Android Livescribe+ app.  Recording will link what you write with what you hear and allow you to jump instantly to any section of the recording when you play back a pencast in the Livescribe+ application.
  • 1/2/3 buttons at the top of each page - These icons are to maintain compatibility with other smartpen models, and may be used by third-party applications.   
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