LIVESCRIBE 3 - LED stuck in “on” state and smartpen not responding

What do I do if my Livescribe 3 smartpen LED stays on even when the pen is turned off and my pen has stopped recording ink strokes?

If your Livescribe 3 smartpen LED will not turn off when the pen is turned off and ink strokes are not being recorded then the smartpen needs to be hard reset.  This will not affect the data that was recorded on the pen before it "froze".  To hard reset:

  1. Take the capacitive tip off of the top of the pen.  
  2. Next to the USB connector is a small hole containing a button that can be used to hard reset the smartpen.  Using a pin or the end of a staple, push on the recessed button and release.   The pen should make a single beep.  
  3. Turn the pen off and verify that the LED turned off as well.  
  4. Turn the smartpen back on.  It should start recording and transferring pen strokes to Livescribe+ again and react to notebook buttons once more.

If you are unable to hard reset the pen, please let us know.

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