83302 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Exporting (sharing) editable text with Evernote or OneNote

How do I send my notes to Evernote or OneNote as editable text? 

To send your notes to Evernote as editable text instead of as a Livescribe PDF or image:  

  1. From the page you want to share text, at the top center toggle menu tap on the "Feed" option to switch to Feed view.  
  2. Tap on the line of text you want to share as a snippet.  It will highlight once selected.  To select multiple lines of notes, tap "Select" in the upper right corner and tap the radio buttons next to each note you want to share.
  3. Swipe from left to right on the snippet (or one of snippets if you selected multiple lines) to transcribe the handwriting to text (make sure the snippets are not moving up or down while swiping). IMPORTANT: You must transcribe the note(s) before sharing or the note(s) will be sent as an image, not text.
  4. Tap the chevron icon ( ^ ) located next to the trash icon on the bottom icon bar (NOT the Share icon in the lower left that appears if you selected multiple snippets).
  5. Select "Edit" if you need to change the text before you share it.  
  6. Tap on "Send".
  7. Tap on "Mail".  
  8. On the "To:" line, add your Evernote or OneNote email address and tap Send.   
  • For Evernote Desktop, the Evernote email address to use can be located under "Tools > Account Info > Email notes to:" (Win) / under your user name in the upper left corner after selecting "Account Info… > Email notes to:" (Mac).  
  • For Evernote Web, click on your user name in the upper right corner and select "ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Email notes to".  
  • For OneNote, access the OneNote Web App after clicking the OneNote icon on this page:


    …and log in to your Microsoft account.  Then access this page to select the email account you want OneNote to accept emails from:


    Afterwards, as long as the email account set up on your iOS device matches the account OneNote is accepting emails from, you can use "me@onenote.com" as the recipient when sharing through Mail to get your editable text into your Quick Notes notebook.
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