83007 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Difference between Livescribe 3 Auto-Send and wifi smartpen Evernote syncing

How does Auto-Send in Livescribe+ and the Aegor/Livescribe 3 differ from Evernote support in the Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen?  

With the Auto-Send feature, Livescribe+ has the ability to automatically upload written Aegir/Livescribe 3 smartpen notes to Evernote.

Livescribe+ adds additional control with the ability to select specific notebooks to send to Evernote (as opposed to all notes in every notebook).  

Livescribe+ also adds the ability to specify which notebook in Evernote your content is sent to.  

Most importantly, the Send feature in Livescribe+ makes it very easy to send specific notes to a specific notebook in Evernote, making it easier to keep everything organized.

Since the Livescribe wifi smartpen is focused on storing data in Evernote's cloud, it includes an extra 500 MB a month of data upload to Evernote with automatic pencast uploads where Livescribe 3 will only upload pencasts to Evernote manually through the Share option since there is no additional upload amount provided each month. This is so people can manage their bandwidth use.  

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