83260 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Phone calls and recording with Livescribe+

How will phone calls affect my recording when I am using Livescribe+?

Recordings made with the Livescribe+ app will be preserved if the recording is interrupted by a phone call, Skype call, or Face Time call (this aplies to iOS even if Passcode Lock is active).

To prevent an interrupted recording on your iOS device, go to "Settings > Do Not Disturb > Manual" and switch it to on. 

To prevent an interrupted recording on your Android device, go to "Settings (bottom left corner for phones) > My Device tab > Blocking mode" and switch it to on.  Make sure "Block incoming calls" is check-marked.

If "Do Not Disturb" (iOS) / "Block incoming calls" (Android)  is NOT off, the recordings will be handled as follows:

Call is Declined

iOS - While the phone is ringing, the recording will pause.  Once the call is declined the recording will continue from that point forward.

Android - The recording will continue while the phone is ringing.

Call is Answered


While the phone is ringing, the recording will pause.  Once the call ends, for a few seconds an option will appear at the top of the device screen "Tap to Start Recording a Pencast".  If this option disappears before being tapped, you can continue the recording by:

  • Tapping the notebook "record" button with the Livescribe 3/Aegir smartpen  
  • Accessing the Livescribe+ app and tapping the pause button

Once started, recordings will continue even if the Livescribe+ app is running in the background and/or the screen is turned off.


When an inbound call is answered, the recording will continue although only the voice of the recipient will be recorded.

If an outbound call is made while recording a pencast, the recipient will not be able to hear the caller as Livescribe+ will still have control of the Android microphone.

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