LIVESCRIBE+ - Can’t connect to smartpen from Bluetooth settings (no device PIN)

Why can't I get the Livescribe 3 smartpen to connect from within my device's Bluetooth settings?  What is the device PIN? 

Using Bluetooth Smart LE (Low Energy), the Livescribe 3 smartpen doesn't need to use the classic Bluetooth settings of your mobile device to connect like many other Bluetooth devices do such as wireless headsets or wireless speakers.  This means no pairing code, so you don't need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and enter a four-digit or eight-digit Bluetooth pairing code (or "device PIN" like "0000") to connect.

When you're ready to connect your smartpen, install Livescribe+ from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Make sure the LED on the smartpen is blinking green to indicate it's in Pairing Mode.  If the LED isn't blinking green then tap the paper Device Pairing button on the inside cover of your Livescribe 3 paper notebook. 

Once your smartpen is in Pairing Mode, run the Livescribe+ app and it should ask Pair your smartpen.  If you don't see a message right away, then please tap the "Connect to Smartpen" button at the bottom of the first Tutorial window or inside the Side Panel of the Livescribe+ app (tap the three horizontal line menu button in the upper left).

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