88210 - LIVESCRIBE+ - I can’t connect to my PIN Code enabled pen, iOS 9

I can’t connect my PIN Code enabled pen to iOS 9

Specific scenarios related to PIN Codes are defined as follows:

  • If you are running iOS 8, you can add or remove a PIN code on your Livescribe 3 smartpen.
  • If you have already added a PIN code while running iOS 8 and subsequently upgraded to iOS 9, you can still connect your smartpen to that device.  
  • If you are running iOS 9, you cannot add a PIN code nor connect to a smartpen with a PIN code. In order to connect to a PIN code-enabled smartpen, please connect the smartpen to an iOS 8 device to remove the PIN code, and then pair with your iOS 9 device. Be sure to have Livescribe+  v.1.5.2 and iOS 9.1 installed.

We are aware of these issues and our teams are working on a fix. 


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