84321 - Assigning notebooks to Livescribe+ iOS

Why should I and how do I assign notebooks in Livescribe+ iOS?

Assigning a notebook in the Livescribe+ app can help with syncing issues when the Livescribe 3 smartpen is either not syncing (even though it is paired with the app - blue LED) or the smartpen has been set to only sync a particular notebook with another app.

To assign a notebook: 

  1. Run Livescribe+.
  2. Verify the smartpen is paired (if not, tap the "Device Pairing" button on the opening page of your Livescribe 3 notebook to put your pen back into pairing mode and restart Livescribe+).
  3. Tap the pen icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Tap on "Assigned Notebooks   >".
  5. Tap "Assign notebook to Livescribe+".
  6. Using the smartpen, tap on a page in the notebook you want to assign to Livescribe+.
  7. Tap "Yes" in the app to confirm. 

If you still have a problem syncing after doing this, please let us know.

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