83350 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Importing notes and audio saved as Livescribe PDFs

How do I import notes and audio sent from Livescribe+? 

To import notes and audio into Livescribe+ that was saved as a Livescribe PDF file (e.g. a file you uploaded to Dropbox from Livescribe+ on your iPhone and want to download it to Livescribe+ on your Android tablet or a file that was shared with you by someone else), on the device you want to import the file on, install "Livescribe+" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  

Then on your device, open the app you want to import from.  For example, open the Mail or Gmail app if someone emailed you the file or you emailed it to yourself.  If you stored the file in Evernote, Dropbox, or another sharing service, open that app on your device.

For Mail:

Tap and hold on the Livescribe PDF file for a few seconds and then remove your finger or stylus.  Then choose "Open in Livescribe+".  NOTE:  Make sure the file has fully downloaded in Mail for the best experience.

For other apps like Evernote or Dropbox:

Tap on the Livescribe PDF file. Then tap on the Share icon in the upper right corner of the app.  NOTE: If you tap on the note itself it will try to open it in Livescribe Player if you have an internet connection but this will not import it into Livescribe+ and it will not play.  Depending on the app, select "Open in Livescribe+" or "Open In… > Open in Livescribe+" to import the file into Livescribe+.

Upon import, Livescribe+ will launch with the file in the full view window where you can view the notes and/or play the audio (for audio play back, tap on the green ink or use the play button).

If you close Livescribe+ and open it later, the file will be found in your "Livescribe PDFs" section of the main menu.

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